MBS Bathrooms & Kitchens


Rest assured with the quality we put in

As with our kitchens and bedrooms, we use the same range of materials for our office furniture.

Get in touch and let us help you design a beautiful specialized office Your imagination is your only limitation. Things we can consider include built-in TVs or monitors, electrical conduits with built-in pathways for wiring, specialized lighting, specialized compartments for specific work-related needs and a general design based on the look and feel one comes to expect from a workspace.

Simple & Minimalistic
Design approach

Our team, at MBS, takes all your design suggestion into consideration and gives you the best possible design solution which best fits your idea. Let us take care of your Bathrooms and Kitchens.

Design & Installation Process

Meet &

Design &

Fitting &



On our first meet, our team will discuss your aspirations and desires. We will then gather all the information needed to advise you on how we can create the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom which fits your requirements. Once we agreed, our team will streamline the whole process from start to completion. We ensure that a high quality of service is delivered throughout all stages of the project.