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MBS Bath and Kitchen is a brand known for its quality since 1982. We offer our specialized services kitchen and bathrooms mainly. Manufacturing and fitting kitchen and bathroom quality supplies and appliances our mainstream, but this is not only what we are famous for. We offer an extraordinary variety of living room furniture pieces.


We spend most of our day in living room. It is the place where you enjoy your me time. Families get together in living rooms and remember their roots. The memories living room brings with it is worth buying some designer living room furniture pieces.


MBS believes that quality is the superior element in building a trustworthy relationship with clients. Therefore, we supply high quality living room furniture pieces in Southall. MBS Bath and KItchen offers comfortable armchairs and sofas with element of style.


We also huge variety of sofas, rugs, tables, side tables and what not. In short MBS is your one stop shop if you want to get hands on affordable, premium quality and beautiful living room furniture pieces.


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Apart from offering beautiful furniture for you home we also provide free consultation to all our customers. Give us a call and book your appointment right now.