in-house bar installation in westlondon

In-house bar installation in Westlondon, UK

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Do you dream of having a fun place in your house? If you want the homely comfort and fun together, then in-house bar installation is a perfect idea for you. However, this can turn out to be a bad idea if it lacks a proper design strategy and professional installation. Hence, get in touch with MBS experts for innovative ideas, custom made products and in-house bar installation in Westlondon.

Why would you need a bar?

  • Indoor entertainment:

Sometimes you may go through a phase when you would not like to interact much, but little entertainment would not hurt. You, therefore, would prefer staying indoor in your own company with your favorite drink!

  • Drinks of your choice:

Bar on street is not your business but in-house bar is! You can stock it up to your liking according to your taste and favorite brands.

  • Availability:

If you have friends who show up anytime anywhere, then they are definitely going to love your bar. The bars in town will not be available at odd times, but your in-house bar will be always there to welcome you and your friends.

  • Customized music:

You will operate your bar on your terms. So, you do not have to listen to the irritating music anymore! Get the music of your style, and you are good to go.

  • Bar privileges:

Seats, drinks, bathroom, and what not? Everything at every time! What else can you and your friends ask for in order to have a perfect weekend?

What does MBS offer?

At MBS, experts offer professional advice after a thorough analysis of space, life style and choices. Moreover, we can setup extremely functional and attractive wet bars or dry bars, whatever you ask for. In addition to this, we offer high-quality branded products for bars like built-in TVs, stone tops, glass shelves, stand-out facade, under counter lighting, and customization option for everything.

Visit our website to know more about us. There are contact and service details on the site. So, give us a call in case of query or request a call back. Do not forget to check out the Projects and Gallery sections to see what we deliver. We have won most of our customers through word-of-mouth, and we believe in providing unparalleled service to our customers. Drop by our showroom for an exciting experience.

Are you looking for someone who undertakes design, implementation and in-house bar installation in Westlondon? Get in touch!

kitchen and bathroom shop in uk

Kitchen and Bathroom shop in UK

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Are you thinking of re-designing your bathroom or kitchen? Moreover, do you want to spice up the layouts? Are you looking for bespoke designs and furniture? Then, you are at the right place, because MBS bathrooms and kitchen Ltd. is a one-stop kitchen and bathroom shop in UK.

What do we offer at MBS in UK?

  •  Kitchen and bathroom design tailored according to your vision and needs
  • Variety of layouts from ultra-modern to traditional
  • Detailed analysis of your needs and requirements for a perfect output
  • Top quality branded products
  • Free consultation and quotation
  • Complete installation at your convenience
  • Friendly and instant service
  • Range of designs according to budget
  • Customization with attention to details

At MBS, we never compromise on quality in order to cut costs when other businesses deliver low quality versions to make profit. In addition, we will not rush you because you deserve all the peace and time to enrich your kitchen and bathroom.

We have a huge stock of kitchen and bathroom furniture at shop:

  • Soft-close systems: the safest option for your kitchen cupboards!
  • Handless system: a stylish and efficient addition to kitchen!
  • Magic corners: a space maximizing comfortable option to access cupboard contents
  • Baskets, USB points and appliances
  • Range of floor and wall tiles
  • Mirrors: lot of mirror options to choose from; a decorative and useful addition
  • Towel rails and other bathroom accessories to make your bathroom as user-friendly as it can get

Bathrooms and kitchens need your attention the most. However, they are usually over-looked by house owners. If you want personal, comfortable and functional kitchen and bathroom, do not delay and come to us! So, make these places a source of solace and pleasure because they are worth it!

Do you know how easy it is to get your dream kitchen and bathroom? Firstly, you just need to get in touch with our experts. Secondly, share with them your needs and budget. Then, get a perfect room designed for you!
Visit our website to know more about us. Check out the service and contact details on our site. Furthermore, do not forget to have a look at our gallery section – experience what we deliver! Drop by our kitchen and bathroom shop in UK, because we look forward to seeing you soon.

kitchen and bathroom remodeling in UK

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling in UK

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We usually overlook kitchens and bathrooms while designing and remodeling. Although, a kitchen holds significance being a bonding place for a family and bathrooms are the most frequently used rooms in a house. Hence, both of them need customization to maintain their aesthetic feel. Designs and color schemes may seem boring if they are not upgraded for a long time, so get your kitchen and bathroom remodeling in UK by the most promising designers from MBS bathrooms & kitchens ltd. Our 30 years experience in the field has made us earn a client base that speaks of our skills and sincerity.

Why kitchen and bathroom remodeling is important?

  • A change in design, color scheme and setting will boost the mood.
  • Improves the functionality with better appliances and energy-efficient models.
  • Updates storage spaces according to one’s needs.
  • Improves utility
  • Modernize the overall look

What MBS offers for your bathroom and kitchen?

  • Soft-close systems: If you are a lover of silence and softness!
  • Handless systems: A modern option for smooth open living!
  • Piston controlled doors: A trendy addition to your kitchen!
  • Magic corners: A great stylish storage option for kitchen!
  • Mirrors and led lights: To give a vibrant touch to your bathroom!
  • A range of other accessories and all this in your budget.
  • Designs that match your vision and needs
  • Variety from modern to contemporary
  • Versatile layouts
  • Complete design and installation

About 90% of our customers come to us via word-of-mouth. We are well known for quality and high end products. In addition, we offer our services at your own pace and convenience. We have a lot of design options for your needs but we can also provide you customized designs on your demand.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to know more about us. Our project section has a lot to offer you. Check it out to experience what we offer! Moreover, collection of pictures on our website will definitely make  you try us! Do not forget to join our Facebook community for latest updates. You may give us a call or request a call back by filling up the form on our website, book a free consultation and drop by our showroom.

Kitchen and Bathroom design

Kitchen and Bathroom Design in UK

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Our company is a family run business, trading over 30 years in the market of Kitchen and Bathroom design in UK. Our point is to give most astounding quality items and client benefits, best case scenario conceivable cost. MBS have never bargained with the quality and administrations we give. We utilize the most astounding quality material and items accessible to convey best outcomes to you.

Our colossal decent variety of structures in premium delicate close frameworks, handless framework, entryways, handles, kitchen cupboards and significantly more. MBS likewise have top of the line structures for your closets, suites and vanities. We utilize premium quality sheets at our kitchen and restroom shops.

MBS ensures you feel free when choosing a look from our structures for your kitchen. We have all that you can consider. On the off chance that you need a customary, shut to roots, extravagant search for your kitchen or a new, contemporary and current style for your space we without a doubt have an arrangement you need.


We have striking and present day plans for your restroom. Our team utilize amazing material to give you a consistent completion. We likewise specially craft anything for you on your interest. Our primary center is to fulfill customers with premium items and top of the line quality.

We additionally comprehend that spending loads of pounds on your plan isn’t a simple task. We ensure that each penny you have put sparkles in to your home. Our kitchen and washroom shop is here to give you bespoke kitchens and restrooms at a moderate cost. Aside from offering a sensible value we likewise offer free interview at your site.

Simply call us and book your arrangement at the present time. Our client agent will manage you further. While trusting that our group will drop by, you can visit our Facebook page for more data.


bespoke flooring

Bespoke Flooring in London.

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MBS Bath and Kitchen is leading manufacturer of your home appliances and supplies. We are one stop kitchen and bathroom shop for any one who needs any thing for their rooms. We offer different variety of bespoke flooring and in London.

Our team handles all foundations of flooring. We introduce high caliber flooring services created for you. Our group can introduce any sort of bespoke flooring whether it is  huge or little in a capable and master way.

Bespoke flooring gives an ideal chance to make your very own redid space. We can draw of a flooring amazingly one of a kind and unique to you. From the commonplace pre-finished sheets and select a story that is addresses you. We can build up a flooring that suits your expressive format and style. Our bespoke wood flooring conveys back valuable customers to us, which discloses to you how great it is.

Our bespoke carpet flooring are planned to meet the positive needs of your home. In addition, When you’ve picked your optimal style, we’ll guarantee it fits into each side of the room comfortably.

With tremendous assortment of widths, thicknesses, and shades open, our planned wood flooring will give your home a contemporary and polished look. Moreover, you can in like manner come to us for your bespoke flooring needs.We pride ourselves all alone, capable organization while remaining inside your money related range. You won’t find superfluous expenses and extended account  with suspicious cutoff points, just an essential thorough expense with most elevated quality.

To get our bespoke wood flooring services  a call to our correspondent right now. Meanwhile, visit our social profile for more information.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

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MBS Bath and has been proudly remodeling your homes since 1982. One of our salient feature is kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We offer variety of deals to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want a contemporary design for your kitchen and bathroom or you want a chic modern look, just leave the process of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling on MBS Bath and Kitchen.


We use high quality products and provide quality driven service. Our prices are custom designed to suit all pockets.Even though we provide an affordable price for  our high quality services you won’t find us compromising on quality. As quality is our utmost priority.


Once we are done with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling you will find yourself loving our work.


MBS takes responsibility of offering a personal design experience with relaxing atmosphere at your own place.  You won’t find our team navigating and rushing you out. We understand that kitchen and bathroom is a big step and needs to cherished at every step. MBS would offer you the atmosphere where you can enrich your everyday life.


Friendly team at MBS Bath and Kitchen makes sure that not only you get the best kitchen and bathroom but best customer care as well. MBS strives to provide you the best result, and that can’t  be achieved until the customer is not satisfied with the process. Therefore, we keep our projects transparent and give you details of our every step.


Apart from using high quality stuff and providing best services in town. MBS also provides free consultation and quotes. This means you will get premium quality products, quality driven service, friendly customer support at an affordable price along with free consultation. To get  free consultation now contact us.


For more information about our services and deals visit


Luxury Kitchen London

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MBS is the pioneer of luxurious kitchen in london. Kitchen is one of the most important part of you home. You spend one third portion of your day at kitchen yet it’s design is often neglected. MBS knows that you have plenty of ideas about how your kitchen shelves should be, which color will compliment your cabinets and how fusion between traditional style and luxurious items will bring out the charm in your kitchen. Even though, you have planned it all up. You don’t know how to execute it.


Our team understands your requirements and guarantees to design the best luxurious kitchen in london for you. No matter what your budget or room size is, we are confident that our team will understand your requirements. We will design a kitchen to match your vision whether you want an ultra modern style, more traditional style or have an affinity towards fusion of both, MBS will decode your requirements into best luxurious kitchen in london.


To get a quick insight of our design check our gallery or give us a call or pay your visit.


If you are curious about how our team carries out the procedure, find it here.

Bathroom Renovation designs

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MBS Bath and Kitchens is in the business of home renovation from over thirty years. This gives us hand on experience as we have seen trends emerging and changing. We are proud of what we do because we love how it is done. One of our famous designs are MBS bathroom renovation designs.


MBS is known for the high end products and quality service. Our bathroom renovation designs are custom made for you. If you want a modern bathroom that gives you milenium vibes or you want to sooth your inner self in a traditional set up our team can do that for you.


Our job is not only to renovate your bathroom but to reconstruct it. We believe in giving your bathroom a complete makeover. Our modern bathroom renovation designs are best for those who want to add minimalism and grace in their life.


Our traditional bathroom renovation designs are set to cater those who are close to their roots and won’t mind a tad bit of fancy in their lives. We aspire to serve every customer and every pocket. We only use high quality products available in the market. We believe quality is most essential tool to build a relationship of trust with clients.


We provide our customers from ultra chic, millennial and contemporary bathroom renovation designs to choose from. Our huge variety is available at a price that will leave you at awe. MBS believes that quality of the products must never be compromised but clients should also not compromise on the budget. We assure you to provide best prices for best products with best quality. Apart from that we provide free consultation to our clients.


To get  free consultation now contact us.


For more information about our services and deals visit

Living room furniture pieces

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MBS Bath and Kitchen is a brand known for its quality since 1982. We offer our specialized services kitchen and bathrooms mainly. Manufacturing and fitting kitchen and bathroom quality supplies and appliances our mainstream, but this is not only what we are famous for. We offer an extraordinary variety of living room furniture pieces.


We spend most of our day in living room. It is the place where you enjoy your me time. Families get together in living rooms and remember their roots. The memories living room brings with it is worth buying some designer living room furniture pieces.


MBS believes that quality is the superior element in building a trustworthy relationship with clients. Therefore, we supply high quality living room furniture pieces in Southall. MBS Bath and KItchen offers comfortable armchairs and sofas with element of style.


We also huge variety of sofas, rugs, tables, side tables and what not. In short MBS is your one stop shop if you want to get hands on affordable, premium quality and beautiful living room furniture pieces.


To get an insight on the work we have done follow our facebook page or visit.


Apart from offering beautiful furniture for you home we also provide free consultation to all our customers. Give us a call and book your appointment right now.

Kitchen and bathroom shop:

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MBS Bath and Kitchen is leading manufacturer of your home appliances and supplies.

We are one stop kitchen and bathroom shop for any one who needs any thing for their rooms. We offer different variety of kitchen appliances and bathroom supplies.


We have huge diversity of designs in premium soft close systems, handless system, doors, knobs, kitchen cabinets and much more. We also have high end designs for your wardrobes, suites and vanities. We use premium quality 18mm boards at our kitchen and bathroom shops.


We make sure you feel free when selecting a look from our designs for your kitchen. We have everything you can think of. If you want a traditional, closed to roots, fancy look for your kitchen or a ultra chic, contemporary and modern look for your space we for sure have a plan you need


We have bold and modern designs for your bathroom. We use high quality material to provide you a seamless finish. We also custom design anything for you on your demand. Our main focus is to satisfy clients with premium products and high end quality.


We also understand that spending lots of pounds on your design is not an easy job. We make sure that every penny you have invested shines in to your home. Our kitchen and bathroom shop is here to provide you ultra designed kitchens and bathrooms at an affordable price. Apart from offering a reasonable price we also offer free consultation at your site.


Just give us a call and book your appointment right now.